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I am studying programming while temporarily living in Metz, France.

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I'm also happily taking tons of photos of places I travel in Europe. You can see my photo posts below the projects.

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Enciphered By

Ruby on Rails Blog

Blog built with Ruby on Rails 5.1, with social interactions of likes and comments.

I enjoyed taking the Pragmatic Studios' courses in Rails, which teach you how to make a basic CRUD app. After completing the course and the included projects, I built EncipheredBy to have a home for my blog posts about learning to code.

Github Repository

Lemonade Stand

HTML5 Game

HTML5 game, designed to be easy to play in a mobile browser.

Lemonade Stand is a classic game used to teach kids about the basics of running a business. We even played this game in one of the introductory accounting classes in college, as it teaches you about how to figure out how much your product costs (a cup of lemonade) given a lot of variable input and inventory spoilage.

Github Repository

Dog Informant

Ruby on Rails Filter

Ruby on Rails site to help users find dog breeds by completing a questionnaire.

Working on this site required learning how to take user input to filter the results, and how to "stack" those filters so that the tool can return only the dogs that fit several criteria.

Github Repository


Image of people looking over the railing at the top of the Arc de Triomphe.


City of Lights

Paris is known among artists as a place where ideas bloom and flourish. It is a big city that manages to retain an ornate feel, with beautiful buildings on every corner.

Image of Mont Saint Michel, a gothic abbey built on an island.

Mont Saint-Michel

Iconic French Landmark

A symbol of French courage, Mont Saint-Michel has stood on it's island since the 8th century.

Image of red rock mountain and pine trees.


The Top of Europe

Jungfraujoch is a glacier with a fabulous marketing team. It is absolutely worth the visit.

Image of red rock mountain and pine trees.

Sedona, Arizona

Peace and Serenity

One of the most restful places I have ever visited, and I'm not alone in that feeling.

Image of red rock mountain and pine trees.


Wind and Ash

Rugged and beautiful. Iceland is like no place you've seen before.